Art1st books are a colourful and fun introduction to India’s diverse and compelling modern and contemporary art. Children become familiar with eminent artists, their inspirations and events that influenced their styles.

Art1st aims to build cultural knowledge and improve discoverability of Indian art and its rich legacy through its various series.
Our vision for Art1st Books, reaches beyond art history to the cultural history of India, helping children in various cultural contexts make a personal connection to this heritage.

Art1st Books Rights Catalogue

The award-winning Art1st books are founded on thorough research that is translated into storytelling and interactive engagements within the pages; introducing young readers to Indian art and artists through games and play. They are beautifully illustrated and feature large visuals, simple narratives, and creative projects.

Each book is designed in a way to enable children to appreciate, ideate and create. They come with a ‘how to use’ section, sharing pointers for any accompanying adult to use as provocations to ignite creative thinking and conversations.

Series for Children

Art Exploration Series

7-12 years

The series delves into the lives, particularly the childhood, of eminent artists. It explores the artists’ work and philosophy, approach and methodology, success and failure, in a story format, to engage and inspire children to in turn create their own art.

Other books in the series

Upcoming Titles

  • Ram Kumar: Between the Lines | Ganesh Haloi: Colours of Home

Art Integrated Series

7-12 years

Young readers simultaneously engage with a 'core' subject and art through narratives, activities and different forms of Indian Art.

Upcoming Titles

  • Art is a Voice

Eye Spy Series

13+ years

This series is an introduction to India’s rich heritage. With mind-bending interactions and creative projects it builds a robust foundation to understanding and appreciating our diverse visual legacy.

Other books in the series

Upcoming Titles

  • Eye Spy Indian Design

Book Reviews

Series for Art Educators

un[BOX] series

un[BOX]: A Workbook on Contemporary Art
For 16+ years
Author: Amrita Gupta Singh; Concept: Ritu Khoda

un[BOX]presents the artwork and ideas generated by artists and children from Partner a Master Art Studio workshop run by Art1st in Delhi and Mumbai in 2013/14. Here, some of India’s top contemporary artists engaged with and mentored a group of teenagers over a period of six months. The book features the participating artists and talks about their influences. Each section ends with a critical question posed by the artist and an art exercise. Strongly recommended for art educators.

Educator Series

This series is aimed at providing educators with well-researched published resources by expert voices on art education from across the globe. This ready access to curated information on AIL will be an enabler in developing newer methodologies for teaching and learning art.

Paradigms of Creative Pedagogy: Children as Makers

The first edition of the Art1st Educator Series titled Paradigms of Creative Pedagogy: Children as Makers is a collection of fourteen selected papers articulated by national and international scholars, educators, and practitioners who presented at the Art1st’s Art Education Summit 2019. It offers innovative models of learning for school authorities and other educators to adapt and integrate into their curricula, while emphasising the connectedness between arts learning, academic accomplishment, and social development of children.

As a part of our outreach related to our books, Art1st actively designs interactive public installations, exhibits and workshops in order to create a space for dialogue on the particular book and its concurrent subject. 

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