Eye Spy Indian Art

Author:Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai | Illustrator/Designer:Ishan Khosla Design | Publisher: Takshila Publication; First edition (8 August 2016)

13 years and above | English | Book weight: 700 g | Book size: 23 x 23 x 1.5cm

Enticing children through a version of the game I-Spy, this book traces the timeline of the Indian Modern Art movement. Starting from pre-independence, it unfolds the various schools of art, their eminent artists and influences, in an interactive manner. Using visual elements such as die-cuts, flaps, and foldouts, it encourages children to trace, draw, cut and illustrate. This book forms the basis of our Middle School Art Programme.

ISBN-10 : 9384375179
ISBN-13 : 978-9384375171


Book Reviews

Outreach and Engagement

In an immersive, three-part workshop, children were told to ‘act’ out the verbs in the book as well as others that they love, use a visual thinking strategy to observe the artworks in the book and then create artworks and stories of their own. Just like the book Art is a Verb, our workshops led by author Likla and designer Rohina celebrates the joy of making, doing and creating. The workshops were simple yet engaging, prodding the participants to seek the story and action in the various artworks in the book; connect the actions in their own lives to the artworks; and exploring various forms of expression, such as painting, acting, dancing and so on.

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