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At Art1st, we believe that the purpose of art at the preschool level is to
let children experience the joy of creating.
In the classroom, art is what unfolds as children sing and dance, play with new materials, make a mess,
tell stories and let their imagination take centre stage – a place where they learn by playing.
We envision the art classroom as a space of fun, where there is no right or wrong,
and the teacher is a friend, who plays along with the children instead of showing them how.

Visual Learning Book Kit for Preschool

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The Art1st books encourage preschooler’s unhindered exploration of mediums with little or no teacher intervention. These explorations are interwoven with themes that enable children to recognise diversity, embrace inclusion, and develop communication skills. The content is contextualised to India and its diverse cultures. Children and teachers together draw connections to themselves,, their home, and the world around them. Children make independent discoveries through experimentation and accidental learnings.

Given the developmental milestones of a preschooler, the books also focus on strengthening gross and fine motor skills. Teachers as co-learners are provided fun tools and effective classroom routines to develop childrens’ communication skills. Original stories, poems, and songs as well as games and artworks create space for children to narrate their real and imagined experiences. The books also emphasise on integral aspect of communication – listening. They offer ways for both teachers and children to hold space for each other and their peers.

Pre-School (Jr.Kg+Sr.Kg)

Teacher Training Model

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    Preschool Art1st
    Visual Learning Book Kit
    One day free
    teachers training
    with the purchase of Preschool Art1st Teacher Kit

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    Preschool Art1st
    Visual Learning Book Kit
    Full fledged program
    (includes teacher training,
    peer learning, assessment and more)

The Art1st Art Education Program for Preschool schools can be implemented based on your school’s requirements.

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