Just as schools have a science and a computer lab, they need an art lab – where, through exposure to colour, mixed media, found objects and more, children can develop a language to communicate their experiences.

The Art1st Lab is a physical space designed for an exploration of visual arts, imbibing the scientific values of a lab - experimentation, discovery, new knowledge, hands-on experience and learning driven by children rather than teachers.The first-of-its-kind interactive spaces, Art Labs underline the importance of non-formal education in the holistic development of a child.

We have conceptualised Art1st Labs to be flexible, open and free, enabling students to “naturally” occupy the space both as individuals and groups. With hands-on exploration of a large variety of materials through 2D and 3D games and aids, installations and interactive zones such as art-history jigsaw wall, colour grids and eye spy games, these art labs in school help refine sensory perception and develop visual literacy.

Games & Interactions

of Art

Introduction to the elements of art – colour theory, form, space and line – through spatial interactions, such as colour grids, a magnetic wall with letters and shapes to play with, and a doodle wall, among others.

Games & Interactions

Art History and

Exposure to different art movements, seminal artists and artworks through interactive quick-to-grasp art-history timelines painted over the static spaces of the lab such as ceiling, floor, as well as 3D installations.

Games & Interactions

Methods and

Gently guiding the children through varying art techniques and methods keeping the main tenets – curiosity, reflection and collaboration – in mind.

Get your own Art Lab

An Art1st Lab can both supplement as well as work independently of the AEP curriculum. In the latter, the lab itself becomes a space of learning – a chance to take the Art1st Way to low income schools where they do not have access to our curriculum. We offer scalable Art1st Lab installations that can be customised to your school’s space, resources and students’ level of understanding. The implementation includes training of the staff, student-mentor engagement, as well as regular evaluation from the Art1st team.

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