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Art1st, based in India, advocates the importance of visual art education as a core discipline in public and private schools, museum education, and community-based settings.

Founded in 2009, Art1st is an incubator of young minds that enables them to become innovators and thought leaders of tomorrow, through our various programmes aimed at visual literacy, creative and critical thinking.

We draw on the rich repository of visual arts both from India and across the world, be it folk or fine art, photography or performance. Contemporary artists, authors, designers, filmmakers, educators and historians serve as mentors and collaborators at Art1st.

Our Vision

Creating learning environments that open dialogues and encourage continuous learning.
Creating experiences that lead to creative transformational thinking.
Creating a culture of art as the lens for education and as an incubator for innovation

Our Mission

Our endeavour is to redefine art education and evangelise the transformative power of art through the following:

Empowering schools and educators with a distinctive mentorship model and a robust visual arts curriculum

Publishing children’s books on Indian art and artists

Establishing studio workshops for children to learn first-hand from India’s established and emerging artists

Organising public seminars and discussion forums on Indian visual art and artists

Setting up art labs and art libraries in schools as spaces of immersion and exploration with different mediums of art

the Art1st journey

Media Review

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New Education Policy 2020

‘‘Without the background knowledge of the arts, neither the students
nor the subject teachers will be able to integrate art in education.’’

Arts Integration, CBSE, 2019

The New Education Policy (NEP 2020) foregrounds the role of arts and highlights Arts Integration Learning (AIL) as an essential learning process. AIL aids visual thinking, inner expressions, context-specific learnings, cultural sensitivity, self-reflection, creativity and innovative thinking. AIL, now mandated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), has been the very approach on which Art1st was founded, over a decade ago.

Since 2009, our flagship programme, the AEP, has worked to equip teachers with core concepts of the arts to facilitate Arts Integrated Learning. It has helped further the collaborations between art and subject teachers, training them to develop lesson plans that explore the potential of both subjects and heighten it through integration.

While for most schools, the gap between policy and implementation of Art Integration still remains vast and uncharted; there has been a marked change in the critical and creative thinking of both educators and students that are part of our AEP.


What if we collectively work together as torch-bearers to cultivate creative thinkers? If you have ideas, or would like us to be a part of your community, send us a note and we’ll find you!

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