AEP Teachers’ Training Programme

AEP Teachers’ Training Program is a one of its kind initiative in the field of art pedagogy
at the school level in India. It has now been active for more than a decade in schools, both
public and private, across the country.

Our training with educators addresses concerns of classroom engagement, understanding children from the backgrounds they come from, and the need for art and life to be integrated for teaching in an effective and an affective manner.

In all our collaborations,
art integrated learning has dramatically shifted the way both learning and art are viewed.

With the AEP, classrooms are converted into spaces where learning becomes a by-product of play, and diversity of views, voices and outcomes is celebrated.

Art1st offers a three plus two years hands-on training
to art teachers in schools.

Outside of the individual sessions in each school, biannual centralised training as well as peer learning sessions are conducted by our artist mentors to emphasise collaboration and connection.

The training agendas evolve every year towards exploring newer pedagogical approaches and expanding knowledge about the world of art.

The Art1st Teachers’ Training Program is offered as a part of the AEP.

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